108 Steps Fujian Kata

Suparenpei by Kristin Amirault

Kristin who taught us the kata in 2020 is sending to the community her kata and some words. :

“Teaching Suparenpei was a great opportunity for me to work on and continue my study of the kata.
When he passed away, I still had much to learn from Victor Swinimer Sensei, and many unanswered questions about the kata and his interpretation of it.
Studying videos of his Suparenpei, in preparation for making my video lessons, helped me answer some of my questions.
I thoroughly enjoyed talking with everyone in the project and seeing how each interpreted Suparenpei and it’s movements.
Each of you brought different knowledge and experiences to the project, and I learned from you as well. In the past year my performance of Suparenpei has become much closer to what I have always wanted it to be, thanks to Mattson Sensei’s OldWay course.
I will forever be grateful for OldWay, as it helped me find the flow and grace that I have strived for, and always admired in Victor Sensei’s katas.

This is my Suparenpei April 1, 2021. I know it will continue to change and evolve, as I continue my study of it and of Uechi-Ryu.  I hope you continue and enjoy your journey as well.”

Author: lionel

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