108 Steps Fujian Kata

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Welcome message from Hanshi George Mattson

Greetings to all martial artist studying a fighting system originating in South China:

In 2020, we decided to re activate the learning of this lost kata with an international group of 20+ persons.
After this group successfully learned Suparenpei we’ve seen an increase of interest about the considered lost kata of Uechi-Ryu.

The aim of Suparenpei.com is to present you this international community and promote the learning of this Fujian Kata.
This website is a mean to the community to share the different forms of Suparenpei and share tips and applications (Bunkai).

Suparenpei (also known as Suparinpei or Superempei) was learned by Kanbun Uechi when he traveled to China but he never taught it.