108 Steps Fujian Kata

Fujian Origins

According to Justin Lavasse (Master Lailey & Master Mattson student) who made lot of research on this topic and who is currently translating tiger shaped boxing old manual (1985) :
“Yibailingbabu” 一百零八步 (One hundred and eight steps) “suparinpei” is from Fúzhōu 福州 Hǔzūnquán 虎尊拳 (tiger respect boxing).
It comes from grand master Guōkǒngxī 郭孔熙 (1903-2003) who was a student of Zhōuzhènqún 周振群 (1888 -1968) who was the nephew and chosen heir to Zhōuzihé’s 周子和 (Shushiwa’s) school in China. Simon Lailey trained with Guōkǒngxī 郭孔熙 while in China.

Justin Lavasse

The ‘Suparenpei’ lineage is the following :
0 Zhōuzihé 周子和 Shushiwa
1 Zhōuzhènqún 周振群 who taught:
2 Guōkǒngxī 郭孔熙 who in turn taught:
3 Simon Lailey

一百零八步 Yibailingbabu (One hundred and eight steps) aka suparenpei is however documented in the book I am translating : Hǔxíngquán 虎形拳 (tiger shaped boxing first edition 1985).

Tiger Shaped Boxing Manual

This book was commissioned to document and preserve the style of Zhōuzihé 周子和 (Shushiwa) and was presented to the Okinawans and Kanei Uechi I believe at that time.
I don’t know why is has been ignored for so long but I hope my translation remedies that and others can evaluate it.”

Zhōuzihé 周子和 ‘Shushiwa’ ( Tiger shaped boxing manual)

Justin continues “In the 1970’s two of Kanbuns former Chinese students traveled to Okinawa and explained after Kanbun shut his school down, Shushiwa sent them another teacher and they continued their training and learned the Suparenpei form.

Shushiwa home with the training stone he lifted, a container for pebbles go strike with the fingertips and the striking post he hit
(Tiger shaped boxing manual)

They wanted to show it to their old master but he had passed away by then.
Then ended up showing it to Toyama Seiko 當山清幸.
In the 1990 by chance Simon Lailey was in China training and became a student of Guokongxi who was a student of Zhōuzihé/Shushiwa’s nephew Zhouzhenqun and Simon learned the 108 (suparenpei) from him.
Knowing the story of our lost form (suparenpei) Simon traveled to meet Toyama Seiko 當山清幸 which confirmed the form Master Lailey learned was indeed the same as he had seen form Kanbun’s elderly Chinese student’s.