108 Steps Fujian Kata

Welcome Message

Welcome message from Hanshi George Mattson

Greetings to all martial artist studying a fighting system originating in South China:

In 2020, we decided to re activate the learning of this lost kata with an international group of 20+ persons.
After this group successfully learned Suparenpei we’ve seen an increase of interest about the considered lost kata of Uechi-Ryu.

The aim of Suparenpei.com is to present you this international community and promote the learning of this Fujian Kata.
This website is a mean to the community to share the different forms of Suparenpei and share tips and applications (Bunkai).

There are different forms of Suparenpei (also known as Suparinpei or Superempei). I hope this website swill be the place to share this different forms and work together on this fogotten kata.